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1000 Record Covers

4 years ago | 438 views

by Claire Marion

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1000 records covers


Record covers often are an overlooked art form. Like the music on the discs, they address issues as love, life, death and rebellion themselves. Just like the music they can evoke emotions, but in a very different way. Seeing a album cover after many years can be overwhelming, when you remember your life and your feelings, when you first heard the music and stare at the cover.

They can also be an important part of pop culture as well. The prominent example, that’s widely know is Andy Warhol’s covers, including the banana he designed for The Velvet Underground.

If you missed the age of big vinyl album covers or want to take a trip back this special edition of Record Covers presents a selection of the best 60s to 90s rock album covers from music archivist, disc jockey, journalist, and ex-record publicity executive Michael Ochs`s enormous private collection.

It doesn’t matter if you see it as a journey through time or look at it as a nostalgic family album, it’s a great away to (re-)discover this great art form.


How much ? £11.69



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