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2 years ago | 736 views

by Claire Marion

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“1962, Texas.

Three Doo-Wop Girls guide us through the vast emptiness of an El Paso nightscape. They serve as our narrators as we stumble upon a diner, shining the only light visible for miles. It’s Jet’s 17th birthday, and his girlfriend, Kitty, has thrown him a surprise party. The diner, however, is the last place on earth Jet wants to be… ”


With particular care brought to costume design and cinematography, Eli Russel Linnetz dives us into a sweet nostalgia where surreal encounters reveal a Colorama of teenage emotions. A multi-faceted artist you’ll want to follow in any dark streets so as his colours explode upon you. Enjoy.


Sawyer Spielberg
Mary Neely
Tracy Dillon
Paul Sand

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