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Association Aurore : Luxury campaign against homelessness and inequalities

3 years ago | 760 views

by Sarah Dolza

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In France, the association Aurore, fight against homelessness.

To denounce and bring the light on some of these amazing people with incredible stories, the association has created posters using logos from large luxury groups and brand and distorted them to become, for example, Jean-Paul Galère (Jean-Paul Struggle), Yves Sans-Logement (Yves Without Home) and Christian Dehors (Christian Outside). Those posters have been presented in the street of Paris.

In the bottom, we can read « Ayons l’élégance d’aider ceux qui n’ont rien » (« Have the elegance to help those who have nothing »). A sentence designed to make us think twice about inequality and your daily moaning.

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