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Maud Rondot 3d jewellery

2 years ago | 1030 views

by Sarah Dolza

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Be artist or designer, Maud Rondot doesn’t make a choice. This young creator has create his own jewellery brand. She makes art necklace and each of them is unique and close to a piece of fine sculpture.

With patience and fastidiousness, Maud Rondot realize every jewellery handmade and each one require at least twenty hours of work. Drawing, pattern, realization, she leaves nothing to chance. She inspires by the current architecture, comtemporary and digital art.

Maud Rondot works with raw materials like wood, cotton or leather, to create jewellery totally atypical and modern.

She creates different kind of forms in a style graphic, geometric, which give rythm at jewelleries.

More than necklace, it’s a piece of art that we wear on us when we have a creation of Maud Rondot.

What make more beautiful all of your outfit.


Welcome in the architectural jewellery world of Maud Rondot. ENJOY !!



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