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C.P. Company

4 years ago | 2383 views

by Claire Marion

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Massimo Osti

/ C.P. Company


“I do have a favourite C.P jacket that I’ve had for years and can’t get through winter without it.”


C.P Company is an Italian fashion brand founded in 1975 by the iconic fashion designer and philosopher Massimo Osti who is also the founder of the famous brand Stone Island.

His products were a combination between his design idea and his interest into military uniforms and innovation. He uses advanced creative technology to produce clothes of high quality with unique process and materials.

The brand is easy to identify thanks to the smog masks used on the clothes. Moreover the DNA of C.P Company has always been to dedicate its resources to R&D than marketing and other commercial stuff.

The brand is now focusing on urban city wears but has still keep that vision of functionality with high quality of products with their own process of fabrication and style.



How much ? From £75 to £750




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