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Chelsea Arts Club

4 years ago | 874 views

by Claire Marion

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Old Church Street

/ Chelsea Arts Club


‘I’m a member of the Chelsea Arts Club, I think it’s great. In the summer the garden is amazing. Whistler was one of the original founders, and it was set up when Chelsea had a thriving arts scene. It’s not too expensive, but it’s a proper club where you pay your membership and you are subsidized.’


With over 2,400 members worldwide the London-based Chelsea Arts Club is a great place to connect with artists, poets, architects, writers, dancers, actors, musicians, and many more. The tradition-club is located in Old Church Street since 1902.

Holding a series of exhibitions, talks, lunches and performances for members during primary season, the prestige club currently have a waiting list for new members to join. Furthermore you need to be sponsored by a current member who is a member for a least two years, so it’s not an easy way in.



How much ? £495


Where ? HERE



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