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Kali Uchis: the retro wave

3 years ago | 610 views

by LifeCurated.staff

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Retro but modern, groovy and pop, Kali Uchis throw at us all her talent on his new video for his song « Rush ».

At 21 years old, this singer, songwritter and producer release « Rush » the first single, extract from her album « Por Vida ».

Mixing between Lana Del Rey songs, Madonna 80’s video and Brigitte Bardot style, Kali Uchis play with the sounds and make us travel in California to discover all the things that influence her music.

This video was directed by Uchis and creative duo WIISA. For this album, Uchis collaborated on production with artists such as Tyler, The Creator, Katryanada and more.

Kali Uchis and her music are really refreshing and come to enchant our summer !!

Close your eyes and escape from reality with “Rush” 😉

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