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A List of Angels – Lailah

3 years ago | 556 views

by Oliver Guy Watkins

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A secretive company, A List of Angels, search out individuals whose lives are engraved with emotion to offer a unique service to those in a time of need. They find those that society has pushed into the shadows. They bring life to death.

In ancient Rome people were hired to attend funerals. A practise that still exists in small pockets around the world today.

In this episode we meet Lailah, a woman haunted by the loss of her unborn baby and comforted only by the night and encounters it brings.

A List of Angels is an original Web Series produced in London, England

Original Concept – Oliver Guy-Watkins
Developed and Written By – Charlotte Hunter / Sohrab Bayat / James Payton / Oliver Guy-Watkins
Cinematography By – John Schofield
Styling and Editing By – Claire Marion
Production Design By – Alex Landrum Jnr

Featuring Original Music By:
Hannah In The Wars / Hatcham Social / Snowpoet / Trevor Moss And Hannah Lou / Michael Triponel / Kissey

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