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London + Paris = 6 Exhibitions to discover this September

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by LifeCurated.staff


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As part of our ‘back-to-school’ new edits, LifeCurated™ presents the London + Paris collections.


As a bunch of expatriates we always felt like the borders between our 2 metropolis were blurred and wanted to invite you to travel and experience their differences and common points. After all, each city center are only a few hours apart…


The London/Paris collections will be covering, every month, various subjects from art to design through to musical and video contents and events.


First up: London + Paris = 6 Exhibitions




We Want More at The Photographer’s Gallery: Image-Making and Music in the 21st Century // Until 20 September




We Want More explores the role photography and image-production plays in defining music culture today.


Spurred by the advent of digital technologies, both industries have seen a significant change to the channels and processes for ownership and distribution. The traditional frameworks that once upheld a distance between photographers, fans, stars and their labels have collapsed to allow for new routes and territories in which music photography is produced, shared and consumed.


Where once many music photographers worked to briefs for specific publications, they are now more in control of context and creative direction. Musicians also play a more active role in their own image creation and distribution channels with audiences capturing and sharing their own versions of gigs.


This exhibition offers a subjective viewpoint on this vast arena and is presented across two floors, dedicated in turn to musicians and their fan bases. It includes works commissioned commercially as well as personal projects initiated by the photographers themselves and a selection of creative collaborations whose aim is to unpick the genre of Music Photography, which has become increasingly more difficult to define.


Revelations at The Science Museum:  Experiments in Photography // Until 13 September




Discover the influence of early scientific photography on modern and contemporary art in this major new exhibition, featuring some of the rarest images from the pioneers of photography.


From the 1840s, scientists were using photography to record and measure phenomena which lay beyond human vision. The beauty of these early images and the revolutionary techniques developed for scientific study, shaped the history of photography and heavily influenced modern and contemporary art photographers.


Revelations showcases some of the earliest photographic images from the National Photography Collection by figures such as William Henry Fox Talbot and Eadweard Muybridge alongside striking works by modern and contemporary artists including Harold Edgerton and Hiroshi Sugimoto.


On display for the very first time will be an original photographic print of X-Ray, the earliest recorded images of the moon and 19th century photographs capturing the hidden beauty of electrical discharges.


Duane Hanson at The Serpentine Gallery (Knightsbridge) // Until 13 September




The Serpentine presents the work of late American sculptor Duane Hanson in his first survey show in London since 1997. Throughout his forty-year career, Hanson created lifelike sculptures portraying working-class Americans and overlooked members of society.


Reminiscent of the Pop Art movement of the time, his sculptures transform the banalities and trivialities of everyday life into iconographic material. The exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery presents key works from the artist’s oeuvre.


Whilst you are there, have a look at Spanish architects Selgascano architectural design of the 15th Serpentine Pavilion.




Patrick Neu at Palais de Tokyo // Until the 13th of September





This summer the first major exhibition of little-known artist Patrick Neu (born in 1963, lives in Alsace) takes place at Palais de Tokyo.


For 30 years, Patrick Neu has been developing his skill away from the limelight. With each work, he turns traditional technique on its head and embarks on new experiments which he continues for as long as necessary. He works with materials not often found in the world of art: bee wings, soot on glass, crystal, wax, Chinese ink sculpture, butterfly wings, shed snakeskin, eggshells, painting on ashes… “I turn materials and practices on their head. Crystal is, for me, simultaneously sharp, heavy, fragile and transparent (…) If I use it to make a warrior object, for example, this opens the way for questions …” (Patrick Neu)


The works selected for the exhibition are a nod to his perilous dialogue with the materials and world memory: Samurai armour in crystal and a straightjacket made from bee wings, specially created for the exhibition, a glass column blackened by smoke, birds feet cast in metal, dying iris watercolours, a dead Christ on carbonised paper, a recollection of Jérôme Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights in smoke on glass…


JR at Gallerie Perrotin: DECADE. Portrait d’une génération // 12 September – 17 October 2015


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 09.09.29


This new exhibition, JR’s fifth since he joined the Gallery in 2011, covers the work of the last ten years. It features a selection of his videos, ink on wood pieces, and recent photographs.


The sequence begins with an immersive installation that takes us into the heart of the Cité des Bosquets in Clichy-Montfermeil, in the suburbs of Paris. This work confronts, as a means to better interconnect the different themes linked by the artist over the last decade. Using reflections on the floor, projections set up an infinite dialogue between the inhabitants of this housing project, evocations of the riots of 2005, and the destruction of the housing blocks that was part of the political response.


The filmed dance offers a link that is both academic and temporal, symbolically uniting the different phases of JR’s work in Clichy-Montfermeil over the last decade. Diffused through the Gallery space, the looped videos also remind us of the difficulty of describing the formal and temporal locus of those social and political events that shook the whole of France in autumn 2005.


Ten years after the riots that shook France to the point that the government declared a state of emergency, the exhibition “DECADE, Portrait d’une génération” demonstrates JR’s capacity to shift the configurations of what is possible. For ten years now this approach has been the formal and aesthetic foundation of his work. It carries echoes of Situationist principles in that it overcomes established boundaries and produces images that are grounded in reality, and bring together art and life.


Anna et Bernhard Blume at Centre Pompidou // Until 21 September  



Since the end of 1970s, this couple of very singular German artists stages series of photos of which they are the main protagonists and in which the objects of the everyday life (daily paper) seem endowed with supernatural powers.


A table begins turning , the buffet overturns, plates fly away, a vase begins a slow levitation, bodies contort. On the German photographic scene of the last two decades of the 20th century, known for its resolutely objective, abstract and factual aesthetics, not to say “cold”, Blume positions in opposite. Against most of their contemporaries, they adopted an openly irrational, subjective and jubilant approach.


Have a look, experience, live and share with us your feedbacks on our social medias!


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