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Much loved

3 years ago | 486 views

by Sarah Marty

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Photographer Mark Nixon published a great portrait of some teddy bears he met. This book tells us the story of our lovely childhood friends. Since the time we met them, the time when someone offered it us and the moment in our childhood when they were probably our real best friend.


Thoss portraits are quite nostalgic and will make you look back to your first night, when you were a very little child scared of the black night. It makes you remember how delight night or just hard moments you spent and you went over thanks to your old friend.


For this project, he decided to call most of his friends to bring him their much-loved teddies and to tell him their stories. For him, it clearly appeared that many of them were still very attached to their own teddy. Mark Nixon decided to take pictures of teddies and ask of their owner what they really meant to them.


Those stories makes part of this book, but moreover he decided to retranscribe some of part of teddies’stories for example first time their owner lost them.


This great book tells us the numerous stories of hugs, fears, hopes but also tears which will make you go back in your sweet childhood.

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