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Spiral Cellar

4 years ago | 457 views

by Claire Marion

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Wine Rooms

/ Spiral Cellars


A great cellar is always useful. But the main problem is to find where to put it. Not too far from the kitchen, not in a hot place… But sometimes you just don’t have an empty room to create this space.

Spiral Cellars managed to become one of the most famous expert in wine storage. Their offer is dedicated to premium wine rooms lovers. For more than 30 years, this brand has offered to her customer in UK and Ireland one of the best and luxurious functional way to keep your wine and other products safe.

The Spiral designer decided to put your cellar under a staircase  in a contemporary and innovative way which put your cellar as your home’s masterpiece. The installation is quite spectacular especially in those pictures where the cellar becomes the center of life in this house.



How  much ? from £11.700

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