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Next Tango in Paris

4 years ago | 511 views

by Claire Marion

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La mano encima

/ Plaza Francia


Plaza Francia is a project with a multicultural source that brings together three artists coming from distant musical genres.

There is Catherine Ringer, who already payed a tribute to Latin America and Argentinian choreographer Marcia Moretto, with her famous song «Marcia Baila» years ago and stays one of France legendary singers from her generation.

Then there are two of the three members of the infamous Gotan Project, Müller and Makaroff, seeking new adventures.

Building a bridge between pop music and tango and expressing that strong sense of desire: that is the ambition of Plaza Francia. Getting rid of codes and genres by creating a new one.

In this first music video for the title “La Mano Encima” (hands in the air), the world champion tango duet German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi, execute their art in a short movie story where dance replaces words, again mixing a modern vibe to the ancestral art of Tango dancing.




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