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When music and paint meet: SOUNDWALL

3 years ago | 4265 views

by Sarah Dolza

Soundwall 1

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What your ears tell your eyes when you listen a music ? What feeling have your ears when your eyes see a painting ?

A lot of people think that we need to separate these two forms of art, but what if these two were complementary?


Bisco SMITH, is an artist who created the Soundwall, which is described as a new art platform.

Originally, Bisco makes music and one day he decided to make painting based on his music.

During 12 days, Bisco SMITH has created 12 evocative artworks which give a physicality and a face to his music.


Each paintings have its own voice, each voice have its own physical representation.


This art requires that the painter and  the musician collaborate together to create a unique experience and give a real sense at their creations.


The Soundwall is the first experience which give us the chance to hear a paint. SMITH explains that every music hits you, you just feel music and don’t have to understand it. Now, with the Soundwall paints have real feelings and the same energy as music.


To show us his paintings, Bisco SMITH has decided to use the timeless record player and MPC drum machine to give them more physicality and humanity. The beats make us feel and see different things giving the painting a new dimension.



This unique combination between music and painting is really subtle, the sound attract our eyes on the painting. A new kind of communication between our senses.


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